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About Eltech Services

Eltech Services Pty Ltd is a West Australian electrical and plumbing contracting company.

We pride ouselves on delivering high quality projects and we strive to constantly improve our processes to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Our business ethos is to treat every project with an above and beyond approach, no matter how small or large the project is.  Our long-term client relationships are something we are proud of.

We are dedicated to a sustainable business model, where a safe and health work environment takes centre stage.  We believe in a professional approach to all taks and we believe open and honest communications should always be at the base of all working relationships, and clients are included in this culture.

We have long-term relationships with trusted sub-contractors that are fully inducted and quality tested than can be engaged when required.  We comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements for our industry, and place high emphasis on the appropriate management of subcontractors.

Safety always comes first in all areas of our business.  We are proud of our exemplary safety record, upheld by our fully trained staff who demonstrate committment to occupational health and safety on every project, both on-site and off-site.  At Eltech Services, we take pride in our quality of workmanship and our high attention to detail.  We ensure quality control through consistent monitoring and surveillance.  We are committed to continually looking for ways to improve and are reviewing our processes and procedures on an ongoing basis.

Eltech Services has wide experience in undertaking major projects and completing them on time.  Early planning is our approach to project management which enables us to anticipate most contigencies and to resolve problems as they arise.  We are aware of the importance of time on most projects and we offer the flexibility to meet changes that may occur to project completion dates.  Eltech Services is recognised as a Priority Start – Building Policy employer.  Component A Registration No. 000096.

Eltech Services’ philosophy is to treat all projects, no matter how large or small, with the same quality response.